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shopper notifications

  • Abandoned Cart Emails

    abandoned carts

    An abandoned cart occurs when a shopper has a non-empty cart, opens checkout, fills in at least their email, but does not complete the checkout process. Merchants can remind shopper’s of their full cart using an automated email notification to help them complete their intended purchase. Read how to enable this feature.

  • Enable Abandoned Cart Emails

    Merchant Admins and Developers can enable Abandoned Cart Emails from Settings > Checkout in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. How to Enable Abandoned Cart Emails Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Checkout. Scroll to Abandoned Cart Emails. Update the following fields: Scroll to Business Physical Address. Select Edit. Input your physical address. This is required for compliance purposes in order to use Abandoned Cart Emails.

  • Micro-Authorizations

    A micro-authorization is a small, temporary charge that Bolt authorizes on a shopper’s card. The shopper then provides the value of the charge to Bolt to prove that that they have access to their account, enabling higher order approval rates for your business.

  • Shopper Notifications

    Checkout notifications are important for keeping a shopper informed about their order status, abandoned carts, and any additional actions they may need to take. Read how to enable Checkout Notifications.

  • Unsubscribe Shoppers From Abandoned Cart Emails

    Merchants can unsubscribe shoppers who opt-out of Abandoned Cart Emails from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

  • Verify Micro-Authorization

    Micro-authorizations are temporary, small transactions (typically less than 1.00 USD) that merchants use to verify a shopper’s identity after placing an order. Once you receive the micro-authorization, you can submit the amount (e.g., 0.37) to validate your ownership of the credit card. The charge is removed from your account typically within 48 hours.