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  • Export Bank Transfer Statements

    Use Bank Transfer statements to report out the settled net volume funded to your bank account during each respective funding cycle. Bank Transfer statements become available each business day. See the Payout Schedule for more information on how settlements are processed.

  • Export Funding Detail Statements

    Funding Detail statements become available every business day and also at the end of each month.

  • Export Transactions

    Merchants can export transaction data for various reporting purposes from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

  • Settlements

    Settlement is the process of managing electronic payment transactions so they can clear and be funded. When a payment is submitted, it is sent to the issuing financial institution for authorization. At this stage, the transaction is said to be unsettled and will be added to your unsettled balance. Card issuers require a daily confirmation (via a settlement batch) for all transactions.

  • Statements

    Refer to this article when reviewing your exported Bank Transfer statements or Funding Detail statements.