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  • Authorization Response Codes

    Authorization codes for payment processing vary depending on your Bolt Merchant Account setup. Bolt recommends reviewing authorization codes specific to your payment processor or gateway. External Resources Adyen Authorization Codes Braintree Authorization Codes Cybersource Authorization Codes NMI Authorization Codes Paypal Authorization Codes For WorldPay authorization codes, reach out to your customer success manager.

  • Imported Orders From ShipStation to BigCommerce Have the Wrong Status

    Issue ShipStation imports orders marked Manual Verification Required and updates their status to Awaiting Shipment by default. This bypasses Bolt’s Fraud Review process, which can result in rejected orders. Reason Different gateways (Check, Stripe) use unique terminology to define their order statuses. You must ensure that your webhooks are listening for the correct terminology based on the gateway used. Solution Reach out to ShipStation support and request that orders imported with a Manual Verification Required designator are updated to one of the following statuses:

  • Set Up Bolt for Stripe

    How to Integrate with Stripe Contact your Customer Success Manager and have the Bolt team set Stripe as your Payment Processor before getting started. If you use one stripe account across multiple websites, Bolt must create a Bolt Merchant Dashboard instance for each website. 1. Link Stripe to Bolt Login to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. Navigate to Developers > API. Scroll to Stripe Keys. Select Link Your Stripe Account.