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  • How to Verify Webhooks

    All requests made by Bolt to your ecommerce Merchant API will be signed to ensure the authenticity of our requests. Your implementation should always verify the signature to make sure that it’s always Bolt calling your endpoint.

    Bolt signs the payload and includes the HMAC signature in the request header X-Bolt-Hmac-Sha256. There are two ways to verify the payload with this signature.

  • How to Connect Unlinked Transactions

    Creating orders through the frontend (rather than through a pre-auth endpoint) can occasionally prevent an order from linking to a Bolt ID. This disconnect is typically caused by internet disruptions, browser crashes, and similar occurrences on the shopper’s end.

    To handle unlinked transactions, make sure that the pending transaction hook is capable of converting an existing cart order_reference into an order.

  • Manage Users & Notifications

    Admins and Developers can manage users of their Merchant Account from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

  • Pre-Authorization Sequence

    Pre-authorization is a redesigned sequence that changes how Bolt works with cart and card authorizations. When a shopper select the Pay button in Bolt Checkout, there are two events which must happen for a successful order to occur.

    Required Checkout Events
    • Credit Card Authorization
    • Order Creation in the Shopping Cart

  • Review Webhook Failures

    Webhook failure notifications provide you a means of tracking and resolving a crucial part of your Bolt integration.

  • Transaction Investigation Guide

    Merchants can examine their transaction feed to gather information about its status, shopper, and why it was or was not approved. This guide applies information found in the View Order Rejection Reasons guide and the Fraud Review Process reference article to real-world scenarios.

  • Transaction Limits

    Transaction Minimum

    The minimum transaction amount allowed with Bolt is $0.50. The fees could result in a negative order amount being applied to your balance, so we block these transactions to prevent our merchants from losing money on an order.

  • View Transaction Analytics

    Transaction Analytics displays order details, grouped by merchant division, for the last 60 days. Transaction Analytics Metric Type Description Transactions Table Total transaction value for defined scope of orders, organized by division. Revenue Table Total revenue amount for defined scope of orders, organized by division. Average Order Value Table Total average order value for defined scope of orders, organized by division.

  • Webhook Setup

    Bolt provides developers the ability to leverage webhooks events to handle checkout events according to the business rules of your ecommerce store. Once configured, the Webhook endpoint will be used by Bolt to update your external server asynchronously on the occurrence of an event that you have subscribed to.