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  • eCommerce Platform Setup

    Latest Plugin Versions

    Platform Bolt Plugin Version
    BigCommerce N/A
    Magento 1 (EOL Feb 2021) 2.9.0
    Magento Commerce (M2) 2.19.0
    NetSuite 2.1.0
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud 20.2.0
    Volusion 1.0.2
    WooCommerce 2.13.1

  • Check Bolt Version

    Keeping your Bolt Checkout version up to date is important to take advantage of new features and enhancements. How to Check Bolt Versions Checkout Versions The Bolt Checkout displays the Bolt Version. Navigate to your storefront. Launch Bolt Checkout. Look in the lower right corner for the build number. Plugin Versions Bolt uses reports the plugin version to console.log wherever Bolt Checkout is loaded. In Chrome, open Developer tools and navigate anywhere Bolt is loaded, for example, the cart page.

  • Release Changelog

    Review all of the available plugin release versions for the Bolt Checkout Experience platform.