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Webhook Setup

Bolt provides developers the ability to leverage webhooks events to handle checkout events according to the business rules of your ecommerce store. Once configured, the Webhook endpoint will be used by Bolt to update your external server asynchronously on the occurrence of an event that you have subscribed to.

How to Set Up Webhooks

  1. Log in to your Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Developers.
  3. Scroll to Merchant API.
  4. Add your webhook endpoints.
  5. You must verify the authenticity of requests to confirm that it originated from Bolt.

If the response to a webhook request is not HTTP 200 OK or response body is not a valid JSON, Bolt will keep retrying with exponential back-off.

Transaction Webhook Events

Important use cases include:

  • Notifying your e-commerce store when a transaction has been approved or rejected by Bolt.
  • Sending your e-commerce store with the transaction_id, which is necessary for back-office operations.
  • Sending your e-commerce store more information about a transaction such as credit card details.

Transaction Hook types

Hook Type Description Status
Pending A transaction occurred; it is pending review. pending
Payment A sale occurred (only on auth+capture after fraud approval). completed
Capture A capture occurred (only on manual capture). completed
Auth An authorization was issued (only on manual capture after fraud approval). authorized
failed_payment A credit card authorization failed (important if an order was created during the pre-auth endpoint). failed
rejected_reversible A transaction was rejected, but the decision can be overridden. rejected_reversible
rejected_irreversible A transaction was rejected, and the decision cannot be overridden. rejected_irreversible
credit A credit/refund was issued. refunded
void A void has occurred. canceled

Credit Card Webhook Events (BETA)

This is in Beta for custom cart implementations, ask your implementation manager about enablement. See our API reference for more information.

Important use cases include:

  • Notifying your e-commerce store when a former customer’s saved credit card information has been altered.

Credit Card Hook types

  • credit_card_deleted: a former customer has a removed a saved credit card associated with their account