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Auth, Config, Environments, & More

Postman Collection
Explore the Bolt API and quick start development with our Postman Collection.
Environment Details
Learn about API keys, API URLs, CDN Paths, and other environment details needed to connect to Bolt.
Install the Bolt Tokenizer
Learn about the Bolt Tokenizer and it's objects.
OAuth at Bolt
Learn about using Bolt OAuth to access Shopper API data
Integrate Backoffice Operations
Learn about integrating backoffice operations to order management and supply chain systems using the API.
Error Codes
Learn about error codes for orders, discounts, shipping details, and tax calculations.
Bolt Checkout Modal Styling
Learn about the styling options available for the Bolt Checkout modal.
Supported Browsers
Learn about which browsers and browser versions Bolt Checkout supports.
Authorization Response Codes
Learn about authorization response codes for different processors or gateways.
Bolt IP Addresses
Learn how to add Bolt's IP Addresses to your allowlist.
Data Flow Chart
Learn about how data flows between merchants, Bolt, and shoppers.
Dynamic Customization Options
Learn about the rules and conditions available for dynamic features such as custom notices and custom checkboxes.
PGP Keys
Encrypt and securely transmit sensitive data with this PCI-compliant migration key.
Pre-Authorization Sequence
Learn about Bolt's pre-authorization sequence for cart and card authorizations.
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