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Apple Pay

Once you’ve successfully set up the Bolt iOS SDK and payment methods, you can customize your Apple Pay checkout button with a few quick lines of code.

1. Enable the Apple Pay Button

In the view controller where you want to show Apple Pay, modify the viewDidLoad() function to create BoltCheckoutPanelViewController to include the following fields:

let boltVC = Bolt()
Variable Definition
publishableKey REQUIRED FIELD FOR EITHER BUTTON. Your publishable key assigned to you by Bolt.
orderToken REQUIRED FIELD FOR EITHER BUTTON. The token created [by calling /v1/merchant/orders][1] on your backend.
merchantName REQUIRED FIELD FOR APPLE PAY. The name of your merchant as it will be shown on the Apple Pay view controller.
merchantAppleId REQUIRED FIELD FOR APPLE PAY. The id assigned to your merchant by Apple.

If you want to, you can follow the instructions below to apply the ApplePayButtonDelegate that can be supplied to withApplePayButton() to enable Apple Pay Callbacks.

2. Configure Apple Pay Callbacks

Similarly to BoltCheckoutButtonDelegate, you can pass BoltApplePayButtonDelegate to Bolt’s withApplePayButton method to receive Apple Pay Callbacks. onApplePayClose is called when the Apple Pay view controller is closed. This is called even when the transaction is successful. onApplePaySuccess is called when Apple Pay payment is successful.

As noted earlier, to [include the Apple Pay button][2], you must state .withApplePayButton() when configuring the Bolt View Controller. This function has an optional parameter called delegate. To pass the onApplePaySuccess and onApplePayClose callback, you must pass in an object which conforms to the BoltApplePayButtonDelegate protocol for the delegate parameter.

let boltVC = Bolt()
  // ...
  // ...
  .withApplePayButton(delegate: self)
  func onApplePayComplete(status: String, reason: String) {
  print("bolt apple pay status: \(status), reason: \(reason)")
  func onApplePayClose() {
    print("bolt ApplePay on close")

ApplePay Responses

Depending on the response to the request, there are a few different statuses - coupled with reasons - that may be returned to onApplePayComplete.


The succeeded response will return the reason value of none.


The declined response may have several different provided reason values:

Reason What it means
invalid_amount The amount of the purchase is invalid.
invalid_cvv The provided credit card’s CVV number is invalid.
invalid_cc_number The provided credit card number is invalid.
expired The provided credit card has expired.
risk The transaction appears suspicious and has triggered a risk flag.
lost_stolen The provided credit card was reported lost or stolen.
invalid_merchant_for_card The merchant does not accept the card type provided.
call_issuer There is some undetermined cause for an error - contact the issuer.

Should you receive an error response, rather than one of the declined responses listed above, please reach out to your CSM.

Next Steps

Now that you’re set up with Apple Pay, you can move on to customizing the shopper’s checkout experience or the setting up the Bolt Button.


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