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Refund Recommendations for Merchants
Learn about how refunds work for Bolt merchants.
Bolt is committed to being an accessible platform. Learn more about ensuring that your site is ADA compliant.
Bolt's Dispute Representment
Learn about Bolt's dispute representment process. The information in this article applies if you use Bolt Payments or Fraud Protection.
Provide Documentation for Bolt's Dispute Representment
Learn what types of documents to provide for effective dispute representment. The information in this article applies if you use Bolt Payments or Fraud Protection.
Authorization & Capture
Learn about payment authorization, the authorization window, and type of captures.
Confidentiality Policy
Learn about Bolt's confidentiality policy and why it's important for protecting your shoppers.
Funding Withdrawals
Learn about Bolt's funding withdrawal process and timeline for receipt of funds.
Payout Schedule
Learn about Bolt's payout schedule (when transactions are batched, settled, and made available).
Prohibited Merchant Categories
Learn about which merchant categories Bolt prohibits.
Learn about Bolt's settlement process, the funding flow, and how to read settlement actions.
Learn about Bolt's statements, which include transaction event details and payment method information.
The Fraud Review Process
Learn about Bolt's fraud review process, our scoring methodology, and how to handle rejected orders. This information applies to merchants who use Fraud Protection.
Transaction Investigation Guide
Learn how to explore your transactions and gain deeper insights.
Transaction Limits
Learn about Bolt's transaction limits for minimum and maximum totals.
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