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  • Error Codes

    You may choose to pass these error codes back to Bolt in Merchant API Responses to trigger appropriate messages for the shopper.

  • Bolt Checkout Modal Styling

    As a Merchant partnered with Bolt, you can customize your checkout experience in a variety of ways. This allows you to keep your experience on-brand as well as achieve more control over engagement with your shoppers.  

  • Supported Browsers

    Bolt recommends keeping your browsers up to date. This ensures that your coworkers have the best experience possible across all of your business tools.

  • Authorization Response Codes

    Authorization codes for payment processing vary depending on your Bolt Merchant Account setup. Bolt recommends reviewing authorization codes specific to your payment processor or gateway. External Resources Adyen Authorization Codes Braintree Authorization Codes Cybersource Authorization Codes NMI Authorization Codes Paypal Authorization Codes For WorldPay authorization codes, reach out to your customer success manager.

  • Bolt Checkout Modal Doesn't Open

    Issue Selecting the Checkout Button fails to load the Checkout Modal and returns the following error: An Error Occured. Reload the page and try again. Solutions Here are the top two solutions you can try to resolve this issue. If neither of these solutions work, reach out to the Bolt Support Team. 1. Verify URL Is On Auto-Approve List We require URLs that handle checkout to be registered on our Auto-Approve List found in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

  • Externally Marked BigCommerce Orders

    On rare situations, an order that is successfully placed in Bolt doesn’t immediately push to BigCommerce. We resolve this by proactively identifying these orders and then creating them in BigCommerce by using the BigCommerce Application Programming Interface(API). Orders created via the BigCommerce API are marked as coming from external in your BigCommerce dashboard. If you notice a high number of external orders in your BigCommerce dashboard, please email Bolt Support.

  • Handling Fraud Claims

    From time to time, when Bolt approves a fraudulent transaction, the cardholder will reach out to you to inform you that the order is fraud and to ask for a refund.

    If you receive such contact from the cardholder, you are not required to take any action as Bolt will happily cover the liability for the cardholder’s chargeback. However, Bolt offers rewards to merchants who:

  • Handling Rejected Orders

    Issue You may find yourself with the following scenario: “My customer has received a notification that their order is on hold or that their order has been rejected. They have contacted me to resolve this issue. How should I respond?” Solutions Bolt recommends reviewing the order’s rejection reasons displayed in the transaction details for the order before overriding a rejection. Here are the top two solutions you can try to resolve this issue:

  • Imported Orders From ShipStation to BigCommerce Have the Wrong Status

    Issue ShipStation imports orders marked Manual Verification Required and updates their status to Awaiting Shipment by default. This bypasses Bolt’s Fraud Review process, which can result in rejected orders. Reason Different gateways (Check, Stripe) use unique terminology to define their order statuses. You must ensure that your webhooks are listening for the correct terminology based on the gateway used. Solution Reach out to ShipStation support and request that orders imported with a Manual Verification Required designator are updated to one of the following statuses:

  • Load Speeds & Site Performance

    Merchants often use performance tools to analyze their site’s page load time to get an understanding of their shopper’s experience. These tools may occasionally list Bolt as a significant contributor to JavaScripts loading times. The following information is meant to help contextualize this perceived impact and assure you that Bolt is prioritizing, and will continue to prioritize, the speed of our services and the experience of your shoppers. The Loading Sequence, Explained  The webpage loads and renders first.

  • No Delivery Options Available

    Issue Shoppers receive the following error upon proceeding to Delivery options: Delivery is not available for this order. Solutions Here are the top two solutions you can try to resolve this issue. If neither of these solutions work, reach out to the Bolt Support Team. 1. Verify Shipping & Tax URLs Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. Navigate to Developers. Scroll to Merchant API. Review endpoint URLs and update if necessary.

  • Order Not Showing in Bolt

    If a shopper makes a purchase using a non-Bolt payment gateway, for example PayPal, Bolt will not show that purchase in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. Bolt only display orders that were made through its own checkout.

  • Refund a Visa Giftcard That Doesn't Exist

    Unfortunately, this cannot be done within Bolt. There are various solutions that could to be made internally within your company, for example, store credit.

  • Reverse Accidental Refunds

    Merchants may encounter scenarios where they have initiated a refund in error and need to reverse the action. Bolt cannot reverse merchant-initiated refunds, even upon request and consent from the merchant. Instead, merchants can use one of the suggestions in this article to reverse a refund. How to Reverse a Refund Merchants needing to reverse a refund that they have initiated have two options: Recharge the customer after giving notice Credit the customer offline