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How to Connect Unlinked Transactions

Creating orders through the frontend (rather than through a pre-auth endpoint) can occasionally prevent an order from linking to a Bolt ID. This disconnect is typically caused by internet disruptions, browser crashes, and similar occurrences on the shopper’s end.

To handle unlinked transactions, make sure that the pending transaction hook is capable of converting an existing cart order_reference into an order.

How to Verify Transactions are Linked

  1. Go through a complete checkout and ensure you receive a pending hook for the corresponding transaction.
  2. After the transaction passes the review, ensure you receive a payment or auth hook. The type will depend on whether you have configured for auth+capture or manual capture.
  3. If you are using manual capture, capture the transaction in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and ensure you receive a capture hook.
  4. Refund the transaction from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and ensure you receive a credit hook.
  5. (For pre-auth flow only) Attempt a transaction with an invalid credit card, ensure you get a failed_payment hook for this attempted transaction.

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