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Export Bank Transfer Statements

Use Bank Transfer statements to report out the settled net volume funded to your bank account during each respective funding cycle. Bank Transfer statements become available each business day. See the Payout Schedule for more information on how settlements are processed.

Use Cases
  • Analyze which transactions were included in the daily deposit from Bolt to your bank account
  • Reconcile Bolt’s daily funds transfer to your bank statement

How to Use Daily Bank Transfer Statements

Export Statements

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Statements > Bank Transfer.
  3. Scroll to the date of the transfer that you wish to reconcile.
  4. Select Download CSV. This exports a CSV file named, daily_funding_YYYYYMMDD.csv, which contains the full details of all transactions included in that day’s transfer.

Reconcile Statements

You can use Bank Transfer statements to reconcile orders with your bank records. Bank Transfer statements do not include event details such as fees and gross amount captured; for event-based details see Funding Detail statements.

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